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Professional Grade Ceramic Coatings

If you decide to have any of our Mayvinci coatings you are getting the best ceramic coating for beading, gloss and protection. 

The benefits of our coatings and the ease of cleaning your car will amaze you! To make sure the gloss levels of the paintwork and the bond is perfect, with all Mayvinci Coatings we must prepare the paintwork first. 

This involves at the very least our Stage1 Detail package to remove defects within the paint and fine scratches, which then in turn leave the surface as smooth as possible in preparation for the coating bond. This also will include brand new cars due to the process they go through in shipping.

 In total Mayvinci offer 4 coatings which will all maximise the hydrophobic properties of your paint, enhance gloss produce a slick surface making cleaning much much easier. Mayvinci is also very exclusive. It was designed by detailers and is only available through trained and accredited detailers like ourselves. 

All our work is carried out within our dedicated detailing studio to get the best possible results for your vehicle.  

Mayvinci only use the best detailers across the world. With a huge backing in research and development team, the coatings are market leading with no others coming close in our opinion.

 All the below prices include a Stage one detail to correct the paintwork, improve gloss and lay down the perfect surface for the ceramic coating to bond.

  •  Oracle (5 years self healing) £750 
  • Ayanmo (5 years) £600
  • C16 (3 years) £475
  • Mk4 (18 month)£350


If you would like to upgrade the detail level simply add the price below (this is for removal of much deeper scratches and oxidised/ faded paintwork)

  • Stage 2 £225
  • Stage 3 £450
  • Our Ultimate detail with wheels coated, glass coated, Oracle coating and all interior protection is £1500 in total

Mayvinci MK4

Mk 4 consists of Si O2 linked Nano particles that is chemically inert, highly scratch resistance ceramic like membrane that provides astounding protection and wax like appearance. The fortification of the chemically linked Nano particles amplifies and maintains a show car look .The extreme low surface energy of its film resists the adhesion of daily grime, acid and increases the cleaning results. Technical Specification Durability: 18 months Volume: 50ml Thickness: 2-3µ Consumption: 16ml/car

Mayvinci C16

A break through in Aqueous ceramic SI O2 chemistry .C16 provides a matrix like membrane of protective and grime repelling layer on painted surfaces, with a synergy of hydrophobic and self-cleaning properties the clarity and gloss displayed by C16 guarantees major enhancement and protection. C16 encapsulates the treated surface by chemically adhering to it while maintaining even greater internally cohesive properties. Technical Specification Durability: 3 years Volume: 50ml Thickness: 3-4µ Consumption: 16ml/car Contact Angle: 105⁰

Mayvinci Ayanmo

The components of Mayvinci “Ayanmo” allows an extraordinary adhesion to the surface, fortified with cross linked ceramic back bone .The molecular morphology brings hardness and elasticity to the functions of the film. A unique element in the coating allows AYANMO to work to a lower surface energy while impacting anti – static properties creating oil water and dust repellency (atmospheric debris) A propriety ingredient in the coating acts as a UV absorber allowing it to re-emit UV as heat and light of longer wave length. Using accurate optical equipment Ayanmo displays 92 GU (Gloss Units) at 20⁰ and 97 GU (Gloss Units) at 60⁰ making it the highest reading ever documented on any Nano ceramic coating to date.
Technical Specification Durability: 5 years Volume: 50ml Thickness: 4-5µ Consumption: 16ml/car

Mayvinci Oracle

ORACLE. The triphasic structure of the Oracle has a thermoset phase with superior strength and performs major mechanical and structural function . A "self-healing” phase of ultra-fine healing agent (nano scale)is embedded in the components like a matrix to repair the surface and restore its mechanical and structural integrity after being damaged. The separated morphology is achieved through periodic detachment via a reaction process. Unlike current coatings that claims " Self healing " that simply work off a reflow effect and the same spot if damaged can not be repaired twice and often lack performance as the induced resin dries up . The Oracle can be healed with hot water and or heat ,it is hand applied and Oracle Self healing coating that can truly guarantee a 5 year performance. Technical Specification Durability: 5 years Volume: 50ml Thickness: 4-5µ Consumption: 16ml/car