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Mayvinci Oracle

Mayvinci Oracle – Self Healing Coating

The Flagship of Mayvinci coatings is the amazing Self-healing – ORACLE! The triphasic structure of the Oracle has a thermoset phase with superior strength that performs major mechanical and structural function. A “self-healing” phase of ultra-fine healing agent (nano scale) is embedded into the components in the form of a matrix to repair the surface. This enables the coating to restore its mechanical and structural integrity after damage has occurred. The separated morphology is achieved through periodic detachment via a reaction process, unlike current coatings that claim “Self-Healing” which work off a re-flow effect. This makes Mayvinci Oracle different, because of this morphology the same spot can be repaired multiple times. Mayvinci Oracle can be healed with hot water multiple times, hand applied, and it is the only self-healing coating with a guarantee for five years. Quotes available through our online quotation form