Tyre gel

Tyre gel


When choosing the perfect tyre dressing you have 2 things to consider.

1. satin finish

2. gloss finish

now this is always a personal preference decision and some would say that a glossy tyre suits darker colours where as satin suits the more understated finish of whites and silver etc.

whatever your decision, know that if you’re going for gloss you have just found the best out there! our tyre gel has been developed in late 2019, a modern take on how a tyre gel should be. Thick but not to thick, this gel will happily settle in to the fine detail of your sidewall and because it’s not to thick, it can actually be absorbed by the rubber to create an extremely durable bond (up to 3 weeks).
if you have ever used a thick tyre dressing before you will know that they aren’t able to be absorbed fully, thus often resulting in loads of sling on the side of your car.
pretty frustrating if you have just spent some time perfecting the paintwork! no worries that way with Infinity Wax Tyre Gel.




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