Stage2 Detailing

Two Stage Machine polish. First stage is done by using our chosen pad and cutting compound depending on the vehicle paintwork to cut through defects such as swirls, Surface scratches, scuffs and marring. Then refined using a finishing polish and pad to bring back the depth in Gloss. We aim to remove around 70%-80% of defects.

  • Intense Citrus Pre-Wash
  • PH Neutral Snow Foam Bathe
  • Deep Wheel Clean
  • Wheel Iron Fallout removal
  • 2 Bucket Safe Wash
  • Glue and Tar Removal
  • Iron Fallout Removal
  • Clay Bar Treatment
  • Citrus Wash
  • Microfibre Towel and Blow Dried
  • Detailed pass with a DA Polisher using a Heavy cutting pad and compound
  • Refining stage Using DA Machine Polisher with finish pad and finishing polish
  • IPA Wipe down after each polishing stage to cleanse paintwork
  • Tyres Dressed
  • Spray Sealant
  • Complimentary Interior standard clean